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Diesel Shortage Crisis Spreads Fast in the US

Much more than history has ever recorded, the US is faced with a low inventory of diesel and gasoline. Amidst this diesel shortage crisis, Fox News Host, Tucker Carlson made a disturbing tweet. The tweet read “this country is about

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Hurricane Ian Wreaks Havoc in Florida

In the wake of Hurricane Ian, residents of the sunshine state are in emotional darkness. The United States experienced one of its most powerful storms ever. Several city residents became homeless. For some, it is but a temporary situation while

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Lamborghini-Inspired Automotive Designs 2022

Right from the 1960s, Lamborghini has not failed to capture the heart of car lovers. The comfort, performance, and design of these Lamborghini supercars are some of the features which endear them to people. Little wonder that several Lamborghini-inspired automotive

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U.S. Auto Sales Fall Sharply in the First Quarter

U.S. auto sales have dropped in the first quarter of this year. The record shows that new auto sales are 12% less than what they were last year. The primary reason is the global semiconductor chip shortage which slowed auto manufacturing

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Car Shipping Demand Spike in the US 2022

Amid the economic challenges, car shipping demand has increased to and from the US. There is currently a high demand for new and used cars resulting in increased car shipping. According to NY Times, the supply chain issues revealed some signs of

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California Gas Prices Hits Record High

On Tuesday, gas prices for a gallon rose to $4.17, the highest record ever after the previous spike in gas prices in July 2008. Americans had to pay about $4.53 for a gallon of gas on Wednesday as gas prices

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