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Overseas Container Auto Shipping


The two main options for international vehicle transport are overseas container auto shipping and roll-on, roll-off vehicle shipping if available. For overseas container shipping, you may choose to ship your car by itself in a 20-foot container or consolidated with other vehicles in a 40-foot container.

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Pros of Overseas Container Vehicle Shipping

Shipping your car in a container tends to be more expensive than RORO shipping. However, if you choose to use a 40-foot container and share space with other vehicles going to the destination, you can reduce some of these costs. Container vessels ship frequently, making it easy to find a vessel moving between your origin and destination port.

Shipping a car in a container also means there is less possibility of theft or damage, as the vehicle will be secured with wheel chocks and the container can only be opened by three people: the seller, customers and the buyer.

Cons of Overseas Container Vehicle Shipping

When a vehicle transporter opts to use a 40 foot container to save costs, you may end up sacrificing speed as a result. When your vehicle is sharing space in a 40 foot container, the shipper needs to wait for an additional 2-3 cars before that container will be loaded. 

Once your vehicle container arrives at the port, additional transportation needs to be arranged to move your vehicle to its final destination.

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