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Open Trailer Auto Shipping

Open carrier auto transport is one of the most common methods of transporting a car domestically. A semi-tractor pulls a long, two level trailers with room for around nine standard model cars. Additionally, this is one of the most economical methods of transporting a vehicle.

Shipping a car through an open carrier transport is great for people who are relocating domestically, transporting a new or used car or military relocation assignments.

Is open carrier auto shipping safe?

Open carrier transport does not protect vehicles from wind, rain, sun, hail or other wind elements. As a result, Metti International partners with carriers that have a 95% or above on time service and safety rating to guarantee your car is in good hands.

All partner carriers conduct a thorough inspection before loading the car onto a trailer.  This also allows us to verify the condition of your vehicle and ensure it arrives in the same condition. Afterwards, the car is secured to the trailer to reduce vibrations and movement during transport.

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Pros of Open Carrier Shipping

Shipping your car through open carrier auto transport is one of the most affordable and fastest options for auto transport. Metti International has strong relationships with many open container auto carriers, so you can quickly get your car on the road.

Cons of Open Carrier Shipping

 Shipping your car on an open-air container exposes your vehicle to wind, weather and road debris on the highway. As a result, cars may arrive dustier than when they left. Click here to access some tips on how to prepare your car for shipping.

Is open carrier shipping the right method for you?

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