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Auto Transport Industry Trends in 2022

The auto transport industry has experienced some lows within the last couple of years, especially during the pandemic. Despites challenges like the shortage of truck drivers, port congestions and increased shipping cost, the industry still beams with optimism. Here are

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Norway is Running Out of Gas-Guzzling Cars to Tax

In a recent update by Norway’s government, the country will be relieving electric vehicles of its special status. The reason for this latest development is the running out of gas-guzzling cars to tax. Talking about sales of electric cars like

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Veterans Day Appreciation

  America was founded on the valiant efforts and patriotism of military veterans in the country. These veterans have served proudly in our Armed Forces in honorable service and dedication to the nation. At Metti International, we are expressing our

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Trucking Industry Top Trends 2021

The trucking market industry continues to evolve and has witnessed tremendous changes this past year. During this year 2021, there have been some ups and downs which impacted the trucking industry. Below are the top trends in the trucking industry

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