Biden Announces 24/7 Port Operations to Improve Supply Chain Disruptions in the Auto Transport Industry

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a considerable down toll on virtually every economic sector. The auto transport industry has not been left out in the share of these post-COVID challenges. During the lockdown and economic standstill, there was a pile up of vehicles at the ports and car dealerships.

Since the economy reopened, the demand for vehicles surged, but so has the price of automobiles. Most car lovers are compelled to opt for used cars. But, there is an increase in the price of used cars presently. Additionally, there is a shortage in supply of semiconductor chips which has proved a significant setback to automobile production. Consequently, all of these trends in the sector have worked together to create a ripple effect of complicated problems.

Despite the struggle to afford good cars, the semiconductor chips shortage has also reduced the production rate of quality automobiles. The demand for vehicles has outweighed the supply, even though the cost of purchasing one is now higher. Asides from the port congestion, there are truck driver limitations in the trucking industry. The truck driver shortage makes car shipping more costly and slow-paced. These issues are causing more strains in supply chain in the auto transport industry.

24/7 Port Operations in the Auto Transport Industry

With these bottlenecks in the automobile sector, President Joe Biden has, on Wednesday, 13th October, announced that the Port of Los Angeles (POTA) would remain open 24/7. The president made this decision to alleviate the strains on America’s automobile supply chain during a meeting in the White House. Biden had this meeting with business leaders, senior officials and stakeholders on the sector’s current situation. Asides from the announcement, the meeting held also determined what roles each participating group can play in redeeming the glories of America’s auto transport industry.

The new adjustment in the opening hours of Port of L/A should double the number of times cargo moves out of the port. Also, during night-time hours, when the roads and rail lines are free, transportation will bring speed to the supply of cars and increase productivity. Biden projects that night shifts from the port would be faster than moving vehicles during the day.

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