Detroit Exhibition Puts American Car Culture on Display


Detroit art designers have always led the way in car design, and their ideas drive the American car culture. Presently, they’ve created a range of rare design drawings and photographs to accompany car display. These artists reveal the creative process that brings a vehicle from the drawing board to the streets. Although, their varied artistic approaches express the importance of these artwork showing the beauty, identity, hope, nature, and culture. The roaring muscle cars, futuristic concept cars, and sleek racers designed by the artists shape our ideas of possible car innovations.

Auto Shows in Detroit


“Seventy years of automotive design and innovation are on display in the city that made them, Detroit,” Jeffrey Brown reports for the arts and culture series, Canvas.  This exhibition organized by the Detroit Institute of Arts highlights the artistry and influence of Detroit car designers working between 1950 and today. Additionally, a selection of paintings and sculptures is exhibited to connect the art world with car culture. It brings together 12 coupes and sedans designed across those 70 years to highlight significant achievements in style and technology. The 12 vehicles include unique examples of experimental show cars created for display. Additionally, it consists of the iconic production models sold to the mass market, the 1951 General Motors Le Sabre, 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, and the 2002 Ford GT Concept.


The informal sketch made by a Chrysler designer named Milton Antonick is the final form for the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. Designer Ed Welburn, Former Vice President of Global Design, General Motors, also speaks of Firebird III in three dimensions. “To see automobiles displayed the same way other art treasures are displayed felt good.” Ed Welburn says. Carmakers, including General Motors, have long understood that the lure of the automobile goes far beyond simple transportation. The appeal of the car is affected: the feel of leather, the roar of an engine, the techno glow of the dash, the curves of the fender. The Detroit exhibition show flicks at some of the impact vehicles have had on American life, good and bad. However, the focus here remains on the artistry.

Car Auctions in Detroit


Rick Treworgy’s Muscle Car City is one of the largest collections of high-performance American cars globally. With over 200 vehicles which mostly, GM makes, it’s a mecca for fans of the golden age of Detroit iron. Recently, the museum closed its doors for good early January, auctioning off most of its assets and jaw-dropping collection of muscle cars with no reserve.

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