Car Shipping and Auto Shows

It's that time of year again when cities around the United States are using car shipping companies to deliver their vehicles to auto shows. We have included the show search list for your convenience on all the locations and times of these events. The list was shared by Trade Fair Dates and lists current Auto Shows from January 16, 2020 till mid April. In the USA, 32 Auto Shows will be taking place in 95 cities. 

The staff at Metti International Vehicle Transport & Car Shipping always look forward to these shows. The auto industry and our country's means of auto transportation are rapidly changing. Private car owners are shipping their cars more often than ever. Since the advent of the internet, car shipping has expanded exponentially.

Car shipping companies and auto show dealerships work throughout the year to make the show a success. Getting vehicles to the shows on time and without any damage is critical.

Nowadays, you can find a car online that you want to purchase anywhere, no matter where it is located. Metti International Vehicle Transport and Car shipping can arrange to have your new or old car picked up and delivered to you.

You can choose an open or enclosed carrier depending on your needs. An open carrier is the most economical way to ship your vehicle. The majority of auto manufacturers ship vehicles that way. Enclosed carriers are about 50% higher in cost but protect the vehicle from the elements. Show cars, collectible cars and those with high end vehicles are shipped using the enclosed carrier.

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