Car Shipping Demand Spike in the US 2022


Amid the economic challenges, car shipping demand has increased to and from the US. There is currently a high demand for new and used cars resulting in increased car shipping. According to NY Times, the supply chain issues revealed some signs of easing around January and February. However, the current inflation, truck driver shortages and supply chain crisis logistics also affect auto shipping.

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine hastily aggravating the supply chain issues and lockdowns in China, car shipping costs soared even higher. 

Cause of Car Shipping Demand Spike in the US

Current trends have seen more people relocating to smaller cities that offer lower living costs, warmer temperatures, more space, and sometimes all three. The economic regression during this period accelerated these auto transport trends, especially as more people take advantage of the shift while working remotely to relocate to more affordable cities and suburbs within the country.

With this car shipping demand spike, every state in the U.S. undergoes significant differences. While many people prefer shipping to the Northeast, some prefer exploring specific locations in other parts of the country whereby increasing the car shipping demand to and from the country. Some of the places in the U.S. popularly relocated to during this surge in demand season are Oregon, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida. If you’re going against the major auto transport trends, by moving into Los Angeles or moving north from Florida, you may be able to snag lower freight rates. Notably, using the Open trailer or Enclosed auto transport method to ship your car from one central metro area to another also reduces the freight costs.

However, part of the effect of high car shipping demand in the United States is the surcharges in the freight rates. There is also the ongoing increase in the price of gas in diverse U.S. states.

Effect of Car Shipping Demand

Car Shipping Demand Spike Surcharges

Car dealer inventories are rebuilding, and the economy is in a much better place than it was a year ago. However, car shippers are currently experiencing strong car shipping demand from consumers daily. Customers still expect faster car shipping which leads to increased freight costs and car shipping surcharges. Car carriers charge higher base rates in the spiking car shipping demand. This means that carriers are taking on higher than average freight rates.

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The Truck Driver Shortage

As a result of the driver shortage, consumers face higher transportation cost. The car shipping demand by customers is higher than the available truck driver in the country. It is unsettling as the nation and our economy gradually recover from the monumental impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent estimate, the trucking industry needs an additional 60,800 truck drivers immediately. This is a deficit that is expected to grow to more than 160,000 by 2028.

Most trucking companies, logistics providers, and shippers are working together to resolve the truck driver shortage problem. Among the best car shipping companies, Metti International stands out for its excellent car shipping services. Metti International has extensive car carrier network coverage and provides a broad range of quality car shipping services. Our car shipping services are ideal for both domestic and international car transport

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