The Impact of Surging Gas Prices on the Trucking Industry


The Covid-19 pandemic affected the trucking industry, resulting in a shortage of drivers and supply chain disruptions. In recent times, surging gas prices, partly due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have also shown significant effects on the trucking industry.

How Has Surging Gas Prices Impacted the Trucking Industry?


Americans are still facing the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the supply chain crisis. The trucking industry is significantly affected by gas prices increases, leading to driver shortages. The surge in gas prices comes when economic inflation is at record levels. The consumer price index shows this historic spike due to the recent surge in gas prices.

With the recent surge in gas prices, most Americans are experiencing inflation. President Joe Biden stated that with the ban on Russian oil imports into the U.S., there would be a continual increase in gas prices. He said in his speech and remark at Roosevelt Room on March 8, 2022,

“We’re banning all Russian oil and gas and energy imports.”

Change in Consumer Shopping Habits

The truckers in the trucking industry experience an increase in the price of gas, which keeps soaring by the week. Despite this, consumers try to save gas and do more online shopping, increasing transportation and shipping. However, their shopping habit since the covid-19 pandemic has strained the trucking industry.

Cut in Profits


The U.S. Trucking Industry is in for a bumpy ride, which is already affecting the rates of transportation. No doubt, the surging gas prices are cutting into drivers’ profits. Drivers are now torn between providing customers with affordable auto transport prices and making profits due to the gas price increase.

Difficulty in Car Delivery

The demand for car shipping remains ever-changing. More pressure is put on the trucking industry to handle car shipments. The surging gas prices have made it more difficult for truckers to deliver cars. Consumers shipping cars would have to pay more for shipping to ensure smooth car shipment.

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