Lamborghini-Inspired Automotive Designs 2022


Right from the 1960s, Lamborghini has not failed to capture the heart of car lovers. The comfort, performance, and design of these Lamborghini supercars are some of the features which endear them to people. Little wonder that several Lamborghini-inspired automotive designs are rapidly springing up. The Lamborghini Italian brand is owned by Volkswagen and managed by its subsidiary brand division, AUDI.

Lamborghini gives luxury and sports cars a new definition. Do we talk about the ancient Lamborghini 350 GT or the Espada Model? Perhaps we should discuss the more recent Murcielago, Huracan, and Urus Models. Indeed, this brand is unwilling to take a break from giving the world mind-blowing, high-speed, uniquely designed sports cars.

Lamborghini-Inspired Automotive Designs

Several automobile designers and enthusiasts have continually drawn inspiration from Lamborghini. This is very obvious in the plethora of Lamborghini-inspired automotive designs. The designs are stunning and captivating. They cause your eyes to yearn for more while drawing your heart into the world of possibilities.

Staring at these automotive designs would cause you to wish they become a reality. It could be very haunting to see how good they look without knowing the comfort owing or driving one gives. Let’s dive into some of the best Lamborghini-Inspired Automotive Designs.

1.      Yale


Wanoco4D certainly did a great job with the design of Yale. This design fuses a blend of Batmobile and James Bond’s car. However, a close look makes it glaring that the Batmobile inspiration overshadows the James Bonds.

This Lamborghini-inspired automotive has a faceted, armored design that looks like Christian Bale’s Batsuit. Its chiseled, split-surface design makes its resemblance to the suit more glaring. The intrinsic details of the car are not so glaring, but certain unique features are worthy of note.

The car uses gull-wig-styled doors. Furthermore, it has a rear hatch that opens upwards. This will make vertical entry or exit very easy, provided the design becomes a reality.

2.      Navetta Volante


The automotive designer, Jamil Ahmed, couldn’t help but make his love for Lamborghini public. Having fallen in love with Lamborghini when he was younger, he decided to draw inspiration from the brand. The name, Navetta Volante, means “Flying shuttle.”

The design blends Lamborghini’s Urus and Tesla’s Model-S Sedan. It gives prospective users a blend of Lamborghini’s raging bull sports car and the street-friendly Sedan. The Navetta Volante makes use of a 2+2 design. This earns it the right to be called a shuttle.

This automotive design looks so much like the Urus. However, Jamil states that the true inspiration for the design is the Lamborghini Estoque from 2008. The Navetta Volante spots the signature large air-intakes underneath its Y-shaped headlights. It has two charging ports, making it easy to charge your car regardless of the location of the power station.

3.      Xeno


Aven Shi certainly did a great job in the conceptualization of Xeno. The car naturally ought to stand out in any location. Xeno is envisioned as an electric hyper car that can ply roads if necessary. To ensure this, its ground clearance is marginally high.

Xeno makes use of scissor-designed doors. When these open, they reveal a two-person cockpit inside the automobile. Right under the driver’s seat, the car has a two-part battery. Additionally, the car has a four-wheel-drive which gives you ample space in front and at the back.

4.      The Massacre Concept


The Massacre concept has a pointed nose that helps cut the air as the vehicle speeds forward. It houses carbon fiber flaps at the base of the car’s A-pillar. A look at the front of the Massacre points your attention to the signature Y-shaped headlamp of the Lamborghini. This is one of the most amazing Lamborghini-inspired automotive.

Massacre Concept aims at creating a futuristic car without eliminating Lamborghini’s Visual language. The core inspiration of the design was drawn from the Russian Sukhoi Su-57. As such, its Carbon fiber flaps help the car maneuver as a fighter jet would.

Performance-wise, the Massacre fuses a blend of Lamborghini’s greatest hits. The automobile has a touch of Reventon, while the headlamps look so much like the Miura. However, its wedge silhouette is quite similar to the Countach. This would clearly be a great drive if it were made into a live automobile.

5.      Marzal Concept


The Marzal concept embodies the signature Lamborghini concept. As a Lamborghini-inspired automotive, its iconic wedge design speaks volumes. The automobile boasts higher ground clearance, a large rear, and bigger tires. These equips it to take whatever road track by storm.

Like most Lamborghini’s, the Marzal concept has the Y-shaped taillight. However, the Marzal idea amplified the concept a bit. Unlike the regular Lamborghini, the Marzal’s Y-shape is a prominent defining feature of the car’s rear.

Marzal has a hexagonal windscreen that extends to the hood. Additionally, it has a really creative set of doors. These doors curve upwards into the roof without making use of any pillars. The Marzal concept design is certainly one you would love to take for a merry ride.

6.      Lamborghini LMXX2


You would not be wrong to call the LMXX2 an offroad beast. The automobile is designed to run on Sands, rocks, and stones. The artistic design of the LMXX2 embodies a projection into the future.

This Lamborghini-inspired automotive’s edge, base, and windows are covered up in threads. This necessitates you to enter and exit the car through the threads. Amazingly, the threads don’t just give the automobile a dynamic side profile. Instead, they come with flaps that dig into the soil and propel the car forward.

7.      SDAP


The SDAP is exotic and enigmatic. Its pop-up headlights take us down memory lane to the bygone era of exotic supercars. In an actual sense, the mysterious title “SDAP” is more like an upgrade of the Countach and F40. However, it employs a minimal approach to its form and color.

One of the most attractive features of the SDAP is its surfacing. It looks so sleek and modern that you want to own yours immediately. The characteristic wedge shape of the front-rear gets resolved when you reach the front wheel of the automotive.

The contours of the SDAP makes it look like a wind tunnel was brought to life. These contour lines are so refined and light, giving the automotive a beautiful look. No doubt, Maximiliano Salas did a great job designing this car.

8.      SC18


The light weighted build of the SC18 empowers it to unleash speed on the tracks. While the automotive was designed with the streets in mind, the power horse tends more towards the track. The car is built with a V12 engine which delivers 700 hp at 8,500 RPM. It has a torque of 720 Nm at 6,750 rpm.

SC18’s power build and unique construction give it the distinct growl of Lamborghini cars. Its air intake is very identical to that of the Huracan GT3 EVO, while its rear and side fenders are like that of the Huracan Super Trofeo EVO.

9.      Lamborghini E_X


Lamborghini E_X is an evolution in its own right. Unlike the regular Lamborghini, E_X phases out certain characteristic features like the Y-shaped taillight. However, you cannot miss the Lamborghini feel when you observe the car’s overall silhouette.

This Lamborghini-inspired automotive hopes to ditch fuel-powered engines for electric-powered ones. Hence giving it a more ferocious engine roar. Like a fighter plane, the Lamborghini E_X opens up with the front lifting forwards. At the same time, the top slides backward so that the driver can gain access through the sides.

The interior of the automotive is designed using the pilot style. This affords you premium comfort. Further, its pilot-inspired dashboard and the steering wheel keep you inspired to cruise the car at barrier-breaking speed.

10.  Forsennato


Forsennato by Dmitry Lazarev mixes the best features of several Lamborghini designs. A look at the front reminds you about the Aventad. However, Forsennato blends it with a bit of edginess. In contrast, the line-based headlights are a pronounced lift off the Terzo Millennio design.

Amazingly, the word Forsennato means “Madman”. Indeed, there couldn’t have been a better name for a car with great speed. The taillights designs of the automotive are similar to the Veneno with some more blends of the Terzo Millennio.

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