How to Ship Your Car in the Winter Season


As a snowbird heading south or moving to Florida this winter, you will need to transport your car to your winter home. Indeed, the weather conditions of winter make the experience of driving a car over long distances overwhelming. Hence, shipping your car in the winter can be the best solution for your winter move.

Perhaps you are considering how you will skip the icy roads and get to your snowbird residence; the good news is that it is possible. You can ship your car in the winter season to your new destination effortlessly.

You may, of course, have legitimate concerns on what state or condition your vehicle will be in upon arrival after winter car shipping. However, with this ultimate winter car shipping guide, you can successfully ship your car in the winter season.

  1. Winter Car Shipping

When you ship your car in the winter months, you generally spend lower on shipping. The snowbird season witnesses a reduction in car shipment, which affords you a chance of reduction in the costs of car shipment.

However, the winter is not a favorite time for some car users to ship their cars, especially those migrating from the north to warmer southern states. There is usually an increase in the cost of car shipping due to the significant amount of snowbirds moving to the southern states for the winter. Hence, to ship your vehicle in the winter to your perfect snowbird destination, you need to plan. It is not uncommon to hear reports of delays in car shipment during winter, which should make you schedule your shipment ahead of time.

One of the best plans for winter car shipping is to use a trustworthy and professional car transport company. It protects you from delays or damages to your car during the shipment. You can opt for a reliable transport company like Metti International to save you the stress of making the wrong choice of a car transport company.

  1. Preparing your Car for Winter

For safe, timely, and flawless delivery of your vehicle to your winter home, you must prepare your car for shipping. If you intend to ship your car in the winter, the following tips would be helpful:

  • Lubrication

You surely do not want your car rubber seals to get frozen and damaged. So, using a weather-strip spray or a similar substance might be helpful. Similarly, apply a lubricant to your doors and trunk locks.

  • Antifreeze

It would help if you used antifreeze that meets the local weather extremes in your winter destination. If you use the wrong antifreeze, you may be unable to start your car immediately after delivery.

  • Windows and Doors

Your car openings must be kept well shut before shipment. It will prevent moisture from getting into your car during the shipment process. In addition, you may use moisture absorbers to avoid the buildup of moisture when you ship your car in the winter.

  • Tires, Car Battery, Fuel, and Fluids

You should ensure that your car tires have ample tread that can move efficiently during winter. Getting studded snow tires can also be beneficial.

Also, keep your battery in a good state, and ensure that the terminals are in the best condition with no corrosion. Ensure there is no fluid leakage before the shipment. Your tank should also be about one-quarter full before auto transport.

  1. Auto Shipping Tips

When planning to move or relocate in the winter, the following tips will prevent your car winter car shipping from taking unexpected turns of events.

  • Schedule Your Car Ahead For Shipment

To successfully ship your car in the winter, especially if you are a working snowbird, it is best to schedule your car shipment ahead. It will make all the difference in preventing delays and ensure a smooth transport experience.

  • Select an Enclosed Auto Transport

Open trailers are commonly used for auto shipping. However, this option may not suit all vehicles, especially luxury, classic and exotic cars. The enclosed carrier auto shipping method would be the most suitable option for safe and timely delivery in the winter season.

  • Use a Reliable Transport Company

Most times, the success you obtain when you ship your car in the winter months depends on the service and experience of the car shipping company. Metti International has top-notch expertise providing the best car shipping services to suit your snowbird lifestyle. If you are moving south or cross country this winter season, Metti International has got you covered.

Metti International has excellent records: BBB accredited with A-plus rating, three-time award-winner of the BBB Torch Award for Ethics. We are a licensed car shipping broker with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. At Metti International, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and satisfaction. We offer a safe, timely, and smooth transport experience at competitive pricing. Metti International is the top choice for your vehicle shipping needs.

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