Electronic Bill of Lading and Car Shipping


Technology has changed a lot about the auto transport industry and the logistics world. Presently, innovative software platforms are created to make it easier for everyone working in the auto transport business. This includes digitization of the traditional paper Bill of lading form. New apps are currently changing how we manage paperwork. 

This technological development saves car carriers time, money and provides customer satisfaction. The electronic Bill of lading app only requires an internet-connected device. It includes devices such as laptops, computers, tablets, and smartphones to obtain the customer’s vehicle make, model, and delivery details.

About The Electronic Bill of Lading

Bill of lading is the primary documentation between the carrier and the shipper regulating the transportation of a customer’s car. An electronic bill of lading is the legal and functional equivalent of a paper bill of lading. Presently, it has become widely accepted throughout the auto shipping industry. For higher levels of efficiency, tech companies are creating apps with software that eliminates workflow hitches regarding the bill of lading.

How it Works

Through the Bill of lading app, car carriers can conduct a thorough physical inspection of the vehicle’s exterior at the time of vehicle pickup. Additionally, car carriers can easily give inspection reports for any damages to parts of the cars before car shipping. The Bill of lading template is structured to capture the time of vehicle pickup and delivery.  The app scans and captures all visible markings by recording a video or taking a picture for documentation. It enables the customer to review any markings noted on the Bill of lading before releasing the car to the driver and allows customers to input their signatures.

Some apps also allows the driver to scan and upload the paper bill of lading form. While these apps are customizable, they can suit any vehicle transportation needs. This evolutionary trends currently tends towards automated billings, electronic signatures, and zero paperwork.

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