Delivering Vehicle Inspection

It is very important that a through inspection of your vehicle is done by you when the carrier delivers. When the auto was picked up before the long or short haul, the driver performed a detailed vehicle body examination and records it on a "Bill of Laden", if is also advisable that you take pictures of your vehicle in front of the driver at this time . We have posted what a Bill of Laden looks like in previous postings.

Essentially, this is the condition the vehicle was picked up in. Now it's getting delivered, the carrier performs another inspection to verify that no damage was done since the vehicle was in their possession. This is where you get out the Bill of Laden that was filled out at pick up and make a comparison. If you see any difference or damage, this is the time to act. Have the driver acknowledge the damage on the Bill of Laden and get a copy of his insurance. Take pictures on both pick up and delivery, preferably with the driver in the picture performing his inspection.
It is important to know that damage is very rare and the carriers we broker out to have been vetted for on time delivery and no damage being reported.

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