5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping Your Car


Shipping a car can be a cumbersome process if not handled properly. While there are several car transport options to choose from, the cheapest service might not always be the best. To have hassle-free car shipment, here are the five biggest car shipping mistakes you should avoid.

  1. Hiring an Unreliable Car Shipping Company

One of the essential car shipping mistakes you should avoid is choosing the wrong auto transport company. You need to employ a good, reliable car shipping company that will explain the process of your car shipment. To avoid an awful transport experience, firstly do thorough research of the car transport company. Check out reviews from customers on their website and also the accreditation of the car transport company. Then, you can request a quote.                        

  1. Expecting a Guaranteed Delivery Date

If you need to have your vehicle shipped on a tight deadline, the right car shipping company will be able to accommodate your car needs. However, flexibility is vital. While most car shippers do their best to meet delivery expectations, car haulers also face unexpected road delays. The delay could be due to harsh weather conditions, truck breakdown, traffic, or late customer vehicle pickups. To avoid unwanted delays, schedule your vehicle for shipping ahead. It will ensure your car transport company has adequate time to plan your car shipment. You can also communicate with your car transport company through the shipment process.

  1. Poor Car Shipping Preparation

There are several things to do as a car owner when preparing your vehicle for shipping. Firstly get a detailed inspection of your car before shipment from the car transport company. To avoid any problems during car shipping, ensure you have all your documents in order. Examine your car battery to ensure it is charged and adequately secured. Then, ensure you have enough gas to drive your car on and off the trailer.

  1. Shipping a Loaded Vehicle

It might be tempting to load your items and belongings in your vehicle before shipping. However, transport companies are not liable for securing your items in the case of theft or damages. Your belongings are also prone to seizure if the department of transportation inspects the car transport company during the journey. For a smooth car shipment, it is best to keep your car empty.

  1. No Adequate Insurance Coverage

To ensure your vehicle is in safe hands, check out your car shipping company’s insurance policy. Most companies have insurance coverage for their customers. If there is insufficient insurance coverage, you may request additional coverage in exchange for a fee. Endeavor to mark out any damage at delivery on the bill of lading to avoid unwanted expenses. Having an accurately signed bill of lading would also make your insurance claim process much smoother.

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