4 Important Documents You Need When Shipping Your Car

Shipping companies need documentation for interstate and overseas shipping. Failure to provide documents in time can result in delays and avoidable storage charges. Here are the most important car shipping documents you will need:

Bill of Lading (BOL)

A bill of lading is an inspection/ invoice for car shipment and must remain with the car during its travel. It shows the condition of your car at pickup and delivery. This is the document you use to report any damage during transit. Insurance companies rely on the BOL to pay claims. 

Insurance Coverage

 Every shipping company is required to have insurance coverage for body damage while the vehicle is under their possession.  Metti International Vehicle Transport and Car Shipping strongly suggests keeping your own insurance active during the car’s transport in the unlikely event of body damage. If damage does occur, your insurance company would contact the carrier’s insurance company to have your car repaired quickly.

Owner Authorization For Overseas Shipments

If your car is going to a port for overseas shipping, owner authorization is required. Additionally, someone should be present to represent you at the destination port. It’s essential to have these documents for the handover process or emailed ahead to the ocean carrier. Brokers will assist, advise and answer any questions you may have.

Form that most car carriers use to do vehicle inspections at pick up and delivery.

Lien Authorization for Overseas Car Shipping

This is a letter of permission to travel from the lien holder that is required if your car is under financing or lease. The bank will mail this document to you upon request. It can’t be emailed or faxed since the notarization stamp has to be original, so be sure to do this with plenty of time to spare!

While the BOL, absent owner authorization, and lien authorization are the three primary car shipping documents, you may also need your car registration, title, and photo identification to pick up a vehicle at overseas ports. These documents are important for your shipping company as they make the process easier and faster. 

If you have any questions or are ready to ship your car, give us a call today at 866-620-1776!

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