How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Car Shipping

So you have decided to ship your vehicle to save on the hassle of driving. This will reduce the wear and tear on your car or truck and you won’t have to be putting on all the extra mileage. More people are starting to ship their vehicles in order to save time and stress. Below is a list of things you need to do before and during the pick up of your vehicle.

Metti International’s Tips When Moving a Vehicle

1.Verify your assigned carrier has an active phone number for contacting you at origin and destination.

2.If your vehicle is not running, be sure and let your transportation company’s dispatcher know as soon as possible.

3.Do not cancel your insurance policy.

4.Ensure that you have two complete sets of keys for your vehicle. Only one goes to the driver.

5.Make sure that your vehicle is completely emptied of any personal items prior to shipment.

6.Replenish coolants etc. prior to shipment, especially during inclement weather conditions. Carrier is not responsible for mechanical problems or batteries.

7.Disconnect all after market alarms that are not factory installed.

8.Remove any non-permanent items such as ski racks etc.

9.Remove or retract any antennae.

10. Have less than one-quarter of a tank of gas in the vehicle, but ensure that it is not completely empty (gas light should not be on).

11.Take pictures of your vehicle when the driver is doing the inspection and verify he writes the mileage at pickup and delivery.

MPORTANT INFORMATION (Share with person on releasing or accepting your vehicle/vehicles)

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