You Don’t Pay Until Our Job Is Done

Enclosed Auto Transporter

When people work, they get paid after they finish their job. It's the same here at Metti International.

We have access to auto carriers that only people in the car shipping business could have. To get this access one must register with the broker authority of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

They require “Proof of Insurance” and a Surety Bond in the amount of $75,000.

Once completed and licensing payments are made, we receive access to posting boards. Additionally, it is required to have three auto carriers recommend you to the listing board company. Carriers look to these to get auto loads. 

When quoting shipments, we check the carrier posting boards for current prices and what the auto carriers will accept, type of transport and the route required.

When a shipper decides on a broker, the process begins. We post the order for all drivers to see. Carriers see the order with all the information needed to ship the vehicle with the rate being paid.

Before releasing the order, we request their “Insurance of Liability” and verify that the carrier has a rating of 95% +.

We require high standards before giving an order out and we don't charge a deposit until a carrier is secured for our customers. Many have have recommended us for the Better Business Bureau “Torch Award for Ethics”.

So when shipping your vehicle you can rest knowing you've hired a quality company with Metti International Vehicle Transport & Car Shipping.

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