Top Methods of Domestic Car Shipping

Top Methods of Domestic Car Shipping

If you're searching for an auto carrier, you may feel overwhelmed by the countless options you may have. We're here to make it easy and walk you through the top domestic car shipping methods, so you'll be well informed when you're ready to schedule your car to be picked up. 

There are two common types of domestic car shipping with the United States: enclosed carrier transport and open carrier transport. Both serve an important purpose, and your specific auto shipping needs will determine which one is best for you.

Open Carrier Transport

With this shipping method, your car will be loaded onto an open trailer with around seven other cars and will be on it's way to your new location. Although there are several cars on one trailer, this is the most common type of domestic auto transport so scheduling this method is extremely quick and simple.

One of the biggest benefits of this type of transport is that open carriers are the most affordable way to ship your car domestically. The biggest negative to using this type of transportation is that your car won't be protected from the elements, including rain, wind, or debris from the road. If you are looking for an affordable option and you’re not concerned about your vehicle being exposed to wind, rain and highway, this method will be a good option for you.

Enclosed Carrier Transport 

If you have a luxury or classic vehicle that you need to ship across the country, using an enclosed carrier transport is an excellent option. Your vehicle will be loaded into a covered trailer that will offer added protection with the weather, road debris, and other unforeseen elements. The drivers of these vehicles are trained very well and take utmost caution when handling your car.

Using an enclosed carrier typically costs about 50% more than an open carrier transport, so keep the cost increase in mind when deciding what is best for you. If you have a vintage car, luxury vehicle, show car or limited edition vehicle, this will likely be a good option for your transport needs.

Book Your Auto Shipment with Metti International

Metti International makes it easy to book both types of domestic car shipping options and will help you schedule a pickup and drop off date that work best for your schedule. When you schedule your domestic car transport with us, your car will only be shipped with carriers that have a 95% or above safety rating. 

As a finalist for the "Torch Award Finalist" by the Better Business Bureau for Ethics (BBB), we do everything by the book and provide our customers with exceptional customer service. We can't wait to serve you and make it a great experience! 

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