Key Red Flags to Avoid When Car Shipping



There has been a surge in the price of cars recently, most especially used cars and truck prices. With the current inflation, the car shipping industry is affected, leading to an increase in the cost of car shipping. Despite this, consumers fall victim to fraudulent practices, getting duped after purchasing vehicles and during the car shipment. Commercial fraud is the most common problem in today’s marketplace. It is also regarded as quite a major red flag in the car shipping industry. You can avoid theft, loss, damage and unnecessary expense associated with scams by keeping in mind the following red flags  when auto shipping:

  1. Extremely Low Price

Online shopping has been on the rise since the covid-19 pandemic, and most people have turned to the internet for car purchases and car shipping. Due to this, some fraudsters take advantage of unsuspecting victims using enticing prices on several online platforms. Car dealers or car shipping brokers who quote unbelievably low prices for cars and car shipments are major red flags. The reality is that most car carriers won’t move cars that are priced too low.

It does not mean you should ignore the lowest quote. You can request quotes from auto transport companies but keep in mind that the lowest price may not be the best service. It is essential to find a car shipping company that provides competitive pricing and a detailed quote like Metti International. At Metti International, our price quote process ensures that all factors and car shipping details are adequately considered for smooth car shipment.

  1. No Business Address Or Identity

The easiest way to spot a red flag from any potential car shipping company is the lack of business identity. If you want to ship your car, you need to employ the service of a reputable, reliable and well-experienced auto transport company. At Metti International, we understand that cars are high-value assets. Our focus is to ensure the safety of the vehicles from pickup to drop-off. Ensure you do thorough research of the car shipping company handling your shipment process. Pay attention to previous client reviews and check out for the accreditation of the car shipping company.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is concerned with advancing marketplace trust. To this effect, Metti International has been evaluated on the integrity and ethics of business dealings. The BBB has assed Mettti International based on customer reviews and financial track-record, among many other criteria. Each time, we have been verified and recognized for our consistent, uncompromising pursuit of exceptional service to our clients.

  1. Guaranteed Pickup And Delivery Dates

While most car carriers do their best to meet pickup and delivery expectations, they also face unexpected road delays. The delay could be due to harsh weather conditions, truck breakdown, traffic, or late customer vehicle pickups. A car carrier that gives an exact, guaranteed pick up date and time is a red flag. Upfront payment before the provision of service is also a red flag. As a car shipper, it is advisable to schedule your vehicle for shipping ahead. It will ensure your car transport broker has adequate time to plan your car shipment with your car carrier.

The carrier usually calls the day before to verify your location and if you’re home. To coordinate the drop-off and delivery, the car carrier will call you a few hours ahead. Feel free to call them after a day or two to reconfirm that they are on schedule while you go about your daily activities. You can ask the driver for the anticipated time of delivery. Verify the address and ensure that the contact information is correct and communicated. You can also communicate with the driver throughout the shipment process. Most carriers prefer secured funds. So, payment for the shipment is to be given in cash, certified check or money order upon delivery of the vehicle.

  1. No Inspection Or Bill of Lading

Another red flag is if the driver does not carry out any inspection of your vehicle. When the carrier arrives for pickup, it is essential to initiate a vehicle inspection and fill out the bill of lading report. Ensure both you and the car carrier take note of any existing damage to the vehicle before shipment. It is vital to verify your car has adequate insurance coverage before car shipping.


If you’re searching for the right car shipping broker, Metti International is here to help. We work with carriers with a 95% or higher service rating, so your car will arrive safely and timely. At Metti International, we offer valuable car shipping services and a smooth transport experience. We are a licensed and bonded car shipping broker with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. As a three-time finalist with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Metti International works hard to earn clients’ trust while providing excellent service.

Call Metti International today to schedule your auto transport at (866) 620-1776 to speak to our staff, and you will get an instant quote. For more information, you can also visit our website at

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