Factors That Influence the Cost of Car Shipping

Is it your first time shipping a car? Then, you would need to employ the service of a good, well experienced auto transport company. It is essential to find one that provides plenty of information and competitive pricing. You can request a price quote from the auto transport company, but keep in mind that the lowest price may not be the best service. The price quote process ensures that the auto transport company adequately considers most factors and shipping details when calculating the cost which may vary slightly.

Here below are some key factors that influence the cost of shipping your car:


Location is a huge factor when it comes to shipping your car. Car carriers prefer routes going from one major hub to another. Drop-offs at centrally located terminals whenever possible cost less than at finding a carrier to transport to remote locations. 


When calculating the cost of shipping your car, the auto shipping company would consider the vehicle model, its length and weight, including its height. Having a modified car with larger tires, inoperative cars or cars lower to the ground, could cost more to ship.


Domestic shipping offers Enclosed car transport offering the best protection for vehicles, making it more expensive than the Open carrier shipping option.

For overseas shipping, the RORO international car shipping method is less pricey when available than the overseas Containerized shipping method. Door-to-door transport also costs more than terminal-to-terminal shipping services, so you can consider the option that fits your budget.


Auto-shipping is more expensive during certain months and seasons. People are most likely to travel more in the summer and other popular months for vacation than during the winter season unless it’s going to Florida. During these seasons, the road and weather conditions would influence the cost of shipping your car.


The more flexible you are with pickup and delivery dates, the less you may have to pay. It will allow adequate time for you and the auto transport company to prepare for shipment. Some auto transport companies guarantee fast pickup and drop off so you can ship on short notice; however, it can be more expensive.

Metti International makes it faster and easier for vehicle owners to transport cars domestically and overseas. Whether you are moving to a new state or migrating to a different country, we can help you ship your vehicle.

Call Metti International today to schedule your auto transport at (866) 620-1776 to speak to our staff and you will get an instant quote. For more information, you can also visit our website at www.mettiintl.com/








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