Elon Musk Unveils High-Speed Las Vegas Transport Tunnel

The underground construction start-up The Boring Co., built by Elon Musk, completes its first commercial project. Entrepreneur Elon Musk unveils a prototype underground tunnel in Las Vegas. The tunnel is designed to transport cars at high speed around the city.

Traffic Reduction Idea of Elon Musk

Mr. Musk, popularly known as the head of Tesla electric cars and the commercial SpaceX program, made the public debut of the new $52.5 million loop transit system at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“The way the loop works is that you will have main arteries that are traveling at 150mph and when you want to go to an exit, you will have an off-ramp,” Elon Musk says.

“So you can travel in the vast majority of your journey without stopping at 150mph and only slow down when you get to your exit, and then automatically transfer from one tunnel to another. It’s like a 3D highway system underground basically”, Elon Musk added.

The tunnel is only a mile (1.6km) long at the moment, but the goal is a network to ease chronic traffic congestion. The paved tunnels and underground station are also fitted with multi-colored LED lighting. A separate command center provides space for system monitoring. According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the system can accommodate up to 4,400 riders per hour. Plans call for an eventual switchover to autonomous Tesla vehicles.

The Boring Company Project Moving Forward

This company built by Elon Musk is working with the City of Las Vegas to develop the Las Vegas Loop. They also intend to create a 15-mile point-to-point system to connect the Strip, McCarren International Airport, and downtown. That project is expected to use the company’s custom-built Prufrock TBM, which it claims is designed to tunnel at speed greater than 1 mile per week. A Las Vegas Loop route map indicates that the Convention Center loop could eventually be integrated into the larger system.

By Las Vegas standards, the 1.6-mile tunnel to transport visitors through the city’s Convention Center creates a spectacle — especially among elected officials and business leaders in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As a result, Fort Lauderdale, along with other South Florida cities and counties, including Miami, might be looking to the Boring Co.’s new tunnel in Las Vegas to solve their transportation problems at an apparent fraction of the historical cost of tunnels.

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