Mercedes Benz to Roll Out Autonomous Driving Cars in the US this Year


Self-driving cars have attracted considerable interest and discussion among auto manufacturers in recent years. Leading companies have made remarkable efforts to make autonomous driving cars. However, many are still a long way from making them come into existence. Mercedes-Benz, a German brand, is the first automaker to be lawfully permitted to build and sell autonomous driving vehicles. This year, the company hopes to supply to US highways.

Mercedes-Benz is the world’s first automaker to meet strict regulatory requirements for a level 3 system. The German Federal Motor Transport Authority awarded the approval in 2021. Ola Kallenius, the company’s CEO, stated that they would implement the Drive Pilot system in the brand’s model vehicles in the United States.

The CEO also noted that Mercedes is currently undergoing tests in the United States and aligning with local authorities. However, the company is still awaiting certification before starting sales in the United States. Mercedes-Benz Autonomous Driving Vehicles is now to be made available in the United States. The luxury automobile manufacturer, Mercedes Benz, will introduce automated driving systems in their S-Class and EQS models.

Mercedes-Benz Autonomous Driving Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz self-driving vehicles have an automated driving technology, Drive Pilot. Drive Pilot is activated by a pair of buttons located above the steering wheel. The level 3 system enables the driver to remove their hands off the wheel and gaze away from the road. The driver can then perform actions on the multimedia system, such as surfing the web.

It is also possible for the driver to regain control if necessary, so the technology is a long way from being genuinely autonomous. The technology enables autonomous driving at a speed of 37mph and in particular weather patterns.

Furthermore, the Drive Pilot can operate on pre-programmed stretches of highway, allowing it to accelerate, steer, and stop the vehicle. This self-driving technique is helpful in areas with significant traffic or congestion.

Features of Mercedes-Benz Autonomous Driving Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz, a German brand, is the first automaker to be lawfully permitted to build and sell autonomous driving vehicles.

Some additional sensors are vital for the automated driving system to function efficiently. The Drive Pilot system includes sensors that work with the Driving Assistance Package found in the brand’s vehicles. Parking sensors in the rear and front bumpers, as well as a 360-degree camera in the rear mirror, comprise the Driving Assistance Package. Additional sensors include LiDAR, a camera mounted in the back window, and microphones to detect lights, sirens, and other signals emanating from emergency vehicles. There is also a stereo camera and regular camera at the windshield and backlight, respectively. A moisture sensor is placed on the front wheel of the cars to determine if the weather is safe for autonomous driving.

The automated car also has duplicate steering, braking, and electrical systems. If the driver does not assume charge at the takeover time, the car will stop and turn on its hazard lights. In a medical emergency, the Drive Pilot system will also place an urgent call and unlock doors and windows to allow first responders access. A high precision GPS and digital HD map will provide information about the road, route, and traffic events.

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