Checklist For Shipping And Receiving Your Car

Vehicle Shipping Checklist

  1. Don't cancel your auto insurance
  2. Give driver only one set of keys
  3. Empty personal items prior to shipment.
  4. Carrier not responsible for mechanical problems or batteries.
  5. Disconnect all non factory installed alarms.
  6. Remove non-permanent items like ski racks
  7. Remove or retract any antennae.
  8. Have less than 1/4 tank of gas in the vehicle
  9. Take pictures during pickup, driver will give you a “Bill of Laden” (Inspection Report)

Vehicle Receiving Checklist

Carriers do their best for safe and damage free transport. Accidents sometimes happen, if it does do the following.

  1. Get out your carrier's pick up BOL (inspection form)
  2. Inspect the car and compare it to your photos and BOL. If vehicle arrives after dark, meet carrier in a well-lit location. If not possible, bring a bright light to ensure your vehicle arrived in same condition when collected. If you're not personally releasing or receiving the car, share photos with and BOL with the person on the other end.
  3. Carrier is not responsible for any minor dings, dents or scratches during transport, pebbles from the road or hail are not considered claimable.
  4. If you see damage, mark it down clearly and have the driver initial your markings and comments. 5 Take more pictures. Claims are handled through the carrier's insurance and driver should acknowledge the damage. Ask him or call the carrier's dispatcher as soon as possible to find out their claims process.

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