Auto Auction and Car Shipping


Auto-auction-and-car-shippingThe number of cars sold at auto auctions is rapidly increasing each year. There are several types of auto auctions based on the different kinds of clientele that frequent these auctions. You can choose to attend the auto auction or go through the online platform. For car lovers participating in auto auctions, you might enjoy the thrill of the competition and gratification that comes with it. But, what happens when you’ve bid on and won your dream car?

You are responsible for coordinating the shipment of your car auction vehicle. Unless you plan to drive your vehicle yourself, you will need to make adequate transport preparations with an auto broker.


Some famous auctions in the USA, like Barrett-Jackson, Copart, Mecum, give their participants access to thousands of the most stunning and sought-after cars in history. Cars are now shipped more often than ever due to these auto auction events. After purchasing your vehicle from the car auctions, consider contacting a well-experienced car shipping broker that provides competitive pricing to help you ship your vehicle.


You can choose any shipping option such as open or enclosed carrier method depending on your needs. The open carrier transport is a top choice if you are looking for the most economical way to ship your  vehicle.

However, for show cars, luxury or classic cars, and high-end collectibles, the enclosed carrier transport option is highly recommended. It provides added protection although, it is more expensive. You can schedule a pickup directly from the auto auction and have it delivered to its new home safely.


Metti International Vehicle Transport and Car shipping can arrange to have your vehicle shipped from the auto auction house to its final destination. We haul cars from all top auto auctions in the USA. Whether you’ve scored a great deal on a classic car or found the perfect vehicle of your choice, you are in good hands with Metti International.

As a licensed and bonded car shipping broker with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, we will provide you with the best service possible for your auto auction vehicle transport. We ensure that your car transport process goes smoothly.

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