8 Easy Tips to Get Your Car Ready For Shipping

Getting your car ready for shipping is an integral part of a successful car transport. Lack of preparation before shipping may cause issues with your pickup or delivery, which may have been avoidable. It is vital that your vehicle can roll and be steered if it’s inoperable. Be sure to tell this to the broker so he can locate a carrier that is skilled in handling vehicles that don’t operate. To avoid any mishaps, stress or confusion down the line, we’ve prepared a simple checklist to help you get your car ready for shipping. 

Prepare your car for shipping
  1. Wash your car. This will help you determine the condition of your vehicle before shipping. This also makes it easier to identify any dents and chipped paint.

  2. Repair or inform the driver of any leaks before shipping to avoid fluid leakage.
    Ensure your car's tires are properly inflated to help the car roll easily and prevent any damage to the rims during car transport.

  3. Leave no more than ¼ of gas in the tank to avoid the risk of flammable gas. If you're moving your car through a roll on, roll off method, this is mandatory in order to move the vehicle on and off the vessel.


  4. Remove unsecured items from the inside of your automobile to prevent them being tossed around during shipping.


  5. Remove aftermarket items like roof racks and antennas to avoid breakage.


  6. Disable your car alarm or inform the carrier's driver as to its operation.


  7. Give one set of keys to the driver and keep a spare for yourself. Do not give both sets of keys to the carrier.


Getting your car ready for shipping is as simple as following the steps above. In addition to these steps, your driver will also conduct a pre-trip inspection before leaving with your vehicle to make note of the car's condition.

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