The Best Way to Find a Quality Car Carrier or Auto Transportation Company

How Most People Search for Auto Carriers

The vast majority of auto carrier companies are small businesses owners. So marketing their business is not their specialty, but transporting vehicles is. Because of this, customers rarely if ever reach these carriers directly.

The first time someone is looking into shipping their vehicle, they get onto a search engine (Google for example) and type in various types of keywords like “Car Shipping” or “Auto Transport Companies.”

The Results They Get Are Surprising

The search results can be somewhat surprising. Normally, you'll find listings inviting you to use a company to get 3 or more quotes. These ads are run by companies that know nothing about car hauling but are good at getting people's inquiries which are referred to in the auto transport industry as leads. They get these leads by their understanding of search engine's algorithms and consistently getting top positions on page one of the search engines results.

They sell these leads to companies that specialize in auto transport shipping. Selling to as many as they can for a few dollars per lead. The more freight brokers they can sell these leads to, the more they make.

Non-stop Calls

So what does the potential car shipping customer experience? Calls and plenty of them by all types of freight brokers. That sounds really good on the surface but creates confusion for the customer. Often, these endless and annoying calls keep coming in long after the shipping customer has decided who there are going to ship their car with.

The Best Solution

The best way to avoid this bothersome scenario is to call a freight broker directly. We suggest contacting the Better Business Bureau either by phone or inquire through their website for referrals of quality auto transport brokers. Another easy, safe and reliable way is to call Metti International Vehicle Transport and Car Shipping, an A+ rated and Torch Award winning company at 866-620-1776 to get a free quote and answer any questions you may have.

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