Car Shipping Tips Save Money

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Here are a few money saving tips to ship your car. Going coast to coast is normally the among the most cost effective way of getting an auto to the other side of the country. For instance shipping from Los Angeles to Boston is far less expensive and convenient than driving it there yourself.

First you would be putting plenty of wear and tear on your vehicle and would probably be taking the better part of a week to get there. Meals at places along the road that can be expensive unless you're a big fan of fast food restaurants. You'd be filling your gas tank every 200 to 300 miles at high priced stations along the highway. If you drove 500 miles a day and had someone driving with you, it would only take about 6 day across country. That means 5 nights in motels and depending on your budget, you could pay over $100 per night or $60 per night in a not so classy place.

Fortunately, you have a much better option then the long drive that doesn't wear on you or your driving partner. Use these money saving tips when shipping your car.

Your car will have no additional mileage when loading it onto a car carrier and there are some really good money saving ideas. You can put up to 100 pounds of items in the vehicle's trunk, that can save you plenty in shipping costs. But the real savings comes in when you choose pick-up and delivery locations that are close to a major highway. Driving on country roads offers limited options for carrier drivers if something were to happen. The closer you are to a metropolitan area the better the pricing.


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